Animal Control

First Quarter 2019

Happy FRIGID Greetings!

As I write this, we are getting slammed with some of the coldest weather that we have had in a long time and the near future doesn’t look much better!

Irregardless of WHAT the weather is, responsible animal owners will be conscious of what their pets need for shelter, food and water.  If its cold for you, its cold for them!  Even an outdoor pet can get deathly ill or worse in the below zero weather so you may have to make adjustments to wear they live for the time being, moving them indoors if possible to a heated area.  Countless pets suffer needlessly when a simple adjustment can make them comfortable and keep them safe.

Remember it is time to purchase your 2019 dog licenses.  It is the law, in our township, county and state.  There may be fees assessed if the license is not purchased so be sure and get yours soon!