Animal Control

September 2018

Greetings to everyone!

Fall is my favorite time of year, with the cooler temps, the beautiful fall colors and yes, no mosquitoes!  This is also the time to start preparing for our next season that will be coming soon - winter.

As we prepare our homes for the winter, perhaps installing new windows, caulking around doors and windows and having our furnaces checked, we also need to be thinking about our animals and how they will best be prepared to be safe and protected in the winter weather.

Some basic items at this time of the year is to make sure your animals are healthy going in to the winter months.  A visit to the vet for updated shots and an over all check is a great idea.  On the home front, for larger animals, make sure your food sources are secure, hay purchased to last thru the cold winter months.  How will you provide fresh unfrozen water during the winter?  Heated bowls and pails are a good source to make sure your animals stay hydrated in the coldest weather.  Next, just as you prepare your home to protect you from the cold, make sure your animals are sheltered from the frigid cold and snow. Large animals need at least a three sided roofed shelter to hide from the coldest winds and blowing ice and snow.

If your dogs are outside, make sure the doghouse is sufficient size inside.  Fresh straw inside the house makes for a great bed.  Make sure the opening of the house is not facing north or west which is where the cold winds blow from.  It ends up being colder inside the house if this happens then it is outside so there is virtually no protection at all.  With the opening to the south/east, it will shield from the winds.  Better yet, cover the house with a heavy fabric, your dog will appreciate it.

Remember that ALL dogs in the Town of Pound by law have to have a dog license each year.  The new licenses will be here the middle of December.  There can be penalties involved if the new licenses are not purchased in a timely manner for the new year.  Contact the Town of Pound Treasurer for more information.

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful fall weather!