Animal Control

March 2014

Could it be true? Above zero temps? Ah, yes, spring is truly going to come!

This long harsh winter has been hard on everyone, people and animals alike. Thru the winter, you should be daily monitoring the condition of your animals to make sure their shelter and food is adequate to ensure their health. Spring time is no exception. Now is a great time to assess where your animals need to be weight and health wise. Annual vet checks are often done at this time of year which is a great idea.Also,with the up and down temperatures still occurring, and if your animal is blanketed, it needs to be removed in the warm weather and replaced when cool. The sudden changes in temp can cause sweating and then the cooling down with a wet coat can be an avenue for illness.

Footing for animals can be a challenge at this time of year also, with the melting snow freezing into areas of ice. It is easy for a hooved animal to lose footing and fall, potentially breaking a leg and other injuries. Assess your paddocks and turn out areas for dangers and take action to prevent any misfortune.

Whatever type of animal you may own, they depend on you for their well being. Daily assessments of their needs is a must to ensure a happy, healthy pet.

Looking forward to spring,