Treasurers Corner

First Quarter 2019

Hello Everyone!

Tax season is almost over for this year, with the county taking care of all the receipts.  It streamlines the process and allows for less room for error.  The convenience of paying your taxes at a local bank is a plus as well.

It is also time to purchase dog licenses.  It is the law, in our township, county and state.  Please  get them purchased soon so penalties will not be assessed.  If you know of someone who has a dog that is NOT licensed, please let them know they need one.

The licenses are $5.00 per dog for spayed/neutered, and $10.00 per dog if unaltered.  Please send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your payment and a current copy of the rabies.  A license cannot be issued without the rabies information.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have question!

I trust you will have a safe winter, I am already looking forward to spring!