Treasurers Corner

March 2014

Well, another tax season has come to a close.  All further payments for taxes need to be forwarded directly to the Marinette County Treasurer.

I always enjoy tax collection in our township because I get to see and visit with many of you who come to the hall to pay your taxes in person.  Our town board and chair feel this is a great way to connect to our townsfolk and I agree.  Many towns have gone to paying the county to collect the taxes.  Each year we have that decision to make. Please do not hesitate to voice your opinion, one way or the other, to any of our board. It is helpful in making decisions like this when we know what our constituents want.

I do believe we will eventually have spring.  The feeling of appreciation for the warmer weather will be even greater given our long harsh winter.  Enjoy!

Just a reminder, dog licenses can be purchased from the town treasurer.